Second Glance Charity Shop

Second Glance Charity Shop

The Second Glance Charity Shop is located at 11 Main Street in Douglas and is operated by Douglas St. Bride’s Community Group. The shop provides a vital income for the centre and helps us to continue to work towards our goal of ensuring the social, economic and environmental sustainability of our village.

We appreciate all of the goods that are donated to the shop and absolutely nothing is wasted! If it’s not sold in the shop, then the goods are recycled or reused by other organisations so absolutely every item is an essential source of income.


The Second Glance Charity Shop is staffed by a fantastic group of volunteers who give up their time every week to ensure the smooth running of the shop.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Get in touch by email or calling us on 01555 850019.

Opening hours : Monday to Friday 10am – 1pm.

Project Updates

A major project undertaken by the Douglas St Bride’s Community Group during 2016-17 was the purchase of 11 Main Street in Douglas, a property containing 2 shops and a 3-bedroom flat. The acquisition was made possible through major funding from the Scottish Land Fund, with match funding from the Clyde Wind Farm and DSBCG. For a number of years the DSBCG has rented one of the shops to house the Second Glance charity shop. Ownership of the property has created a valuable and sustainable income for the St Bride’s Centre as we no longer pay rent for the charity shop and also benefit from rent obtained from the 2nd shop and the flat. There is a vision to move forward with a project to refurbish the property.

In addition, the organisation is grateful to be supported by the Big Lottery, which has provided revenue and capital funding over 2 years to help create a more sustainable future for the Centre. The revenue grant supports the salary of the Business Development Manager and the capital to fund training, events and initiatives for the staff and volunteers associated with the Centre as well as the local community. A number of major events and activities are planned for next year. Check our ‘What’s On’ for details and sign up to our Facebook page for regular updates.